Plan Ahead: Freezing And Reheating Delicious Soup

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Plan Ahead: Freezing And Reheating Delicious Soup


David Sievers

During summer, many of us are happily picking vegetables and herbs from our gardens. One of the best ways you can enjoy these summer treats, is by freezing and reheating soup. It is easy to freeze and reheat soup, once you know the steps to do so.

Most soups can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date. The United States Department of Agriculture states that most food can be frozen, and this includes soup.

Keep your vegetables on the crunchy side. Actually under cooking your veggies is good for soup you plan to freeze and then reheat. Remember these vegetables will be sitting in your freezer and then get defrosted, and veggies that are more solid (not cooked fully) will withstand this experience far better than the latter.


For soup recipes that have fresh herbs in the ingredients, only add these when you go to cook the soup. They shouldn\’t be in your soup when you freeze it if this is at all possible, because they will lose quite a bit of their natural flavor that we love about fresh herbs.

If you are making soups with beans or brown rice in them, you\’ll be glad to know that these withstand freezing quite well. So keep this in mind as you create soup for your family, and consider them \”staples\” to add regularly to soups you\’ll create for family and friends to enjoy. Many soups that you make can easily have beans or brown rice added to them for delicious and hearty flavor. Both of these ingredients also go a long way into making your soup more of a main dish meal too.

Does your soup recipe call for pasta or shellfish? Try making the soup, freezing it and then when you are ready to make the soup, add in these ingredients fresh. You\’ll get a much fresher flavor and better results. If you do add pasta to the soup that you freeze, it should be undercooked as it will often become mushy.

How To Freeze Soup

Don\’t put hot soup right into the freezer, you need to let it cool for about half an hour and then seal it in containers.

When you fill soup containers, be sure to add a bit of extra space to them so they have room to expand if necessary. Only freeze soup in containers meant for food and especially for the freezer.

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Vb Script A Stepping Stone To Learn Qtp Automation Tool}

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VBScript a Stepping-stone to learn QTP Automation Tool




Vbscript is a scripting language developed by Microsoft. It is the simplified version of Visual Basic. It is very closely related to BASIC programming language.

What is a Variable?

A variable is a container in the computers memory which is used to store information that you want to store. It is possible to change the value of the variables inside your script. In VBScript, all variables are of one fundamental datatype: Variant which means it can store different types of data.

Naming conventions for Variables

While creating variables, you need to follow some rules. These are:

They should always begin with a letter and they should not contain a period(.) sign.

Variable names should not exceed 255 characters.

They should be unique in the scope in which they are declared.

They should not have names same as keywords like Dim, For etc.

How can I create variables with the above knowledge?

Variables can be created using Public, Private or Dim statements. The most common statement is Dim.

For an example, you can use the following syntax to declare variables.


Dim var


Initially this variable has no value which means its empty. After initializing a variable and assigning a value like in above case, the following expressions will evaluate to True:

If var = 0 Then

If var = Then

You can also create variables even without using Dim statement however it is not recommended to do so. Following example will clarify the concept:

Dim A


Is there any way to use keywords as variable names?

Yes, there is a way. Through this way we can even use keywords or some special symbols as variable names. Lets see, how it done. For this, you have to place variable names inside brackets.

Dim [For]

[For] = 20

Msgbox [For]

Here, we created a variable named [For] inside brackets which is not possible otherwise. Now the Msgbox is a predefined function inside VBScript which is used to display a dialog box to see the value of the variable. The output of the code is: 20

What is Option Explicit statement?

Option Explicit is used to force explicit declaration of all variables inside your script. This statement is always used at the top of all VBScript statements. This means, you are forced to declare all your variables using either of the statements Dim,Public or Private.

Now lets see what happens if we try to use a variable without using Dim statement in the case when Option Explicit statement is also used.

Option Explicit


MsgBox A

This is the output you will get:


Variable is undefined: ‘A’


Hence to avoid this error, use the following code:

Option Explicit

Dim A


MsgBox A

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VBScript a Stepping-stone to learn QTP Automation Tool}

Benefits Of Considering Condos For Sale In The Las Vegas Strip

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byAlma Abell

Condo living is a fun and exciting take on a house. If you enjoy living in homes, you’ll probably find that condos for sale in the Las Vegas Strip are relatively similar. They both give privacy, and both will let you make small alterations to the walls. However, a condo offers even more options because they include more amenities, state-of-the-art appliances/equipment and much more.


While many people think of the area as prone to criminal activity, most people are friendly, relaxed and fun. They aren’t in a rush to get anywhere, for the most part, and have a more laid-back quality to them than you’ll find anywhere else. Other large cities have a hustle and bustle that can be overwhelming, but it is slightly different in the Nevada cities.

Casual Attire

Of course, when you’re heading to work you may have to wear suits, ties or dress up. However, you have the option of wearing casual attire, such as flip-flops and tank tops for most of the year. How awesome would it be to wear beach-style clothing for the whole year? Many people dislike snow and cold, bundling up and want to show off their tans, legs and everything else.


Almost every city offers a variety of food, based on culture, style and more. However, you won’t find nearly as many buffets and exciting options than in the Las Vegas Strip. Condos for sale will ensure that you get to dine wherever you want whenever you prefer. In most cases, you could eat at a different place each day and still have a month’s worth of variety!

Unique Scenery

You’re living in a desert, so you will notice a variety of scenery that you can’t experience anywhere else, such as animals and flora.

Making Your Wine Bottle Labels

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Making your Wine Bottle Labels


Allson Branson

A nice-looking brand can pull a new customer’s attention. If you own a pub, you’ll be able to improvise the actual sale by having imaginative wine bottle labels for your wine party. Getting a wine bottle label demands some time and thought. Tend to buy a label that is unique. Ensure the tag can be big enough to carry each part of information of the wine. That may possess tiny records about the good your wine. The brand using glow will help the customers can use to read in regards to the wine during the darkish. Choose the label from the professional shop masters in promoting wine labels.

If you’re planning to organize a wine bash, you may make this special along with a remarkable celebration simply by presenting your creativity inside wine bottle labels. A new creatively made wine tag appeals to interest. If you are intending undertake a wine party within your birthday celebration, you could have labels which are produced along with birthday notes. You can also tend to purchase labels to check the actual style of the celebration. If your style coloring will be glowing blue, you can purchase the light glowing blue colour tag. You will get in a different way formed labels to grab awareness. Through personalizing the content label to match the actual occasion, you can make the celebration seem distinctive and also interesting.


If you are looking to buy low cost wine bottle labels to get an one make use of, you can easily get it from your neighborhood wine store. However, if you’re looking to make an impression on your visitors or company taking party in your party, don’t select affordable labels. Customized Labels or perhaps Custom-made Labels are generally comparatively expensive when comparing the actual ordinary labels. Employing an individualized label in a very wine bottle will likely be a watch catcher for you to just about any wine lover. Although, these kind of labels are costly, they may be worth the price. Look for reviews concerning the various shops that will market wine bottle labels. If you have the required time, you may also pay a visit to every store as well as check out the actual labels and also his or her cost. Doing this, it is possible to get an exceptional tailored content label to have an affordable price.

If the wine bottle brand receives torn or falls off soon after acquiring, you’ll be able to talk to the maker in the labels and still have this replaced. If you have ordered the actual wine bottle labels coming from a great ordinary store, likelihood is much less to get it replaced. If so, you can purchase glue and remain your content label returning to your bottle. For those who have got it with regard to quite less cost, you can trash rid of it and purchase a brand new pair of labels. It is usually any better approach to obtain labels that are water resistant to stop that via obtaining divided.

If you’re looking for you to execute repeated wine events, next cleaning the wine containers and taking advantage of that pertaining to pursuing celebrations will be the smartest choice. Doing this, you will save time and expense. It will always be better to acquire excellent labels if you are going to use the particular wine baby bottles regularly. A superior quality brand can last for extended stretch of time. Ensure that you obtain water-proof labels which can be easier to clear. And also hardwearing . remove and stick labels that may be taken off throughout the cleaning process. You should use a great ordinary dry out cleaning cloth to wash your wine bottle labels.

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Making your Wine Bottle Labels