Mobile Game Monetization Top 10 Revenue Generating Plugins For Unity

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Unity is the leading game engine in terms of number of developers today and many game developers are using it to develop games for mobile platforms – predominantly iOS and Android. Unity indeed makes it easier to make games that look great. However, when it comes to solving the monetization challenge – one of the biggest problems in mobile games today, Unity doesn’t have an answer. This is where Plugins come in handy. Here are 10 Unity Plugins that can help you turn your games into gold.

#1 Unibill – In-App Purchase Unity plugin that is truly cross platform. It works across Google Play, Apple and Amazon App Stores. You can test the integration of this plugin in a few ways as well as directly from within the editor. The plugin also helps you to automatically track purchases in a local database.

#2 Prime31 – This one comes in both android and iOS versions. It is already used by hundreds of apps and will help you add a store and monetize your app by taking care of billing transactions. If you find that coding In-App Purchase functionality is complex and tedious, this plugin will take all that away. The plugin code has been proven and tested and it offers supports for managed and unmanaged items as well as subscriptions and restoring transactions.


#3 Inneractive – Automated optimization platform for improving your revenues from in-game advertising. The platform servers ads from multiple sources including: Admob, InMobi, Jumptap, and 90+ additional advertising networks. The platform selects the best ad from all the sources by taking into account the user geographic location as well as many other parameters.

#4 Hippo Games – If you are looking to enhance your Unity powered apps with In-App-Purchases, this plugin allows you to do exactly that. It supports server side verification for transactions as well as a functionality to restore transactions if the app was removed or the memory was erased. Works on Unity 3.4.

#5 The SOOMLA Project – The open source In-App Purchase Unity plugin into a complete store solution. The plugins are automatically generated by the SOOMLA store designer based on your selected theme and customization of the look&feel. The solution supports a unified interface for both Android and iOS so no work has to be repeated. In addition, you can save the effort of coding the store functionality, virtual goods dependencies, billing interfaces and rewards. Supports Unity 3.5 and 4.0.

#8 Roar Engine – This platform lets you create complex game functionality on top of Unity. On the monetization side, Roar Engine offers an In-App Purchase Unity plugin as well as give you access to Reward advertising. The Roar platform is actually more extensive and gives features like social plugins, level design and much more.

#9 PlayHeaven – PlayHeaven’s Life Time Value maximization (LTV) Platform puts a great emphasis on getting revenue to developers. The focus of this solution is on giving you tools to offer virtual goods in smarter ways – bundles, merchandising and promotions are only some of the things you can do. There is also a set of tools that gives you the ability to segment users as well as create, schedule, manage and analyze promotions and bundles served within your game in real-time through the dashboard.

#10 Place Play – PlacePlay platform is focused on advertising base revenues. Their platform allows you, the game developer to to better localize and target the ads served within your game.

About the Author: CEO @ Soomla, Entrepreneurs x 3, Blogger x 4 In my current position as CEO of SOOMLA my focus is on mobile game monetization. SOOMLA Created a

In-App Purchase Unity

Plugin that is rapidly growing in popularity. Prior to that I founded an ad network focused on blog monetization and before that I was one of the founders of EyeView which specialized in video monetization.


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