Interview with dismissed Ocean Drive columnist Trisha Posner

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Critic Robert Fulford wrote of legendary civic preservationist Jane Jacobs that she “came down firmly on the side of spontaneous inventiveness of individuals, as against abstract plans imposed by governments and corporations.” With certain alterations, the same could be said of author and journalist Trisha Posner, who penned the popular Health Watch column in Miami’s Ocean Drive magazine.

Posner was fired for expressing her opinion on a YouTube video about regulations affecting her South Beach neighborhood. Like many rejuvenated communities in the United States, Posner’s historic south Fifth Street has become the Tribeca of Miami, a fashionable, trendy nightspot with a maelstrom of growth in hotels, restaurants and boutiques that have out-priced many long-term residents.

Local activist Frank Del Vecchio asked Posner if she would appear in the eight-minute Close the Loophole video, directed by Emmy award-winning documentarian Robyn Symon, to state her belief that a loophole that allows popular local restaurants such as Prime One Twelve and Devito South Beach to exist in her residential neighborhood should be amended to limit the amount of seats in the establishments in proportion to their number of rooms. Her segment began, “Hi, I’m Trisha Posner. I’m a journalist and columnist for Ocean Drive magazine. I am married to Gerald Posner, the author.” Within a few hours after her appearance, she was fired by Ocean Drive publisher Jerry Powers.

Posner was aghast and bewildered. Attractive and comely, as a health columnist she is an unlikely candidate as a civic instigator; but those qualities belie Posner’s buffalo stance on doing what she feels is right for her community. “I hate being in the public eye and I prefer to be low key,” Posner told Wikinews in an interview. “To do the video I was nervous. Only in person do I feel comfortable.” Wikinews reporter David Shankbone recently spoke with Posner.

DS: What were the circumstances surrounding your dismissal?

TP: In South Beach and in Miami there are neighborhood associations like South of Fifth Neighborhood Association, which [Posner’s husband] Gerald is President of, and they all try to work together to make living in the neighborhood synergized with the nightlife and the restaurants. This issue involved another, Frank Del Vecchio, President of 301 Ocean Drive condominium association. Frank asked me to be part of a video against a loophole where restaurants can have so many seats that they effectively become a nightclub. On the video there are five others besides me. An entertainer, a school teacher…and then I’m sitting there on a bench. At about 4:40 we wrapped up and I left. When I got home there was a phone message from [editor-in-chief] Glenn Albin saying, ‘Trisha, Trisha, Jerry is running around the place…’ and I thought it was a joke. I started laughing. Gerald said he didn’t think it was a joke, but I had not done anything. Then I received an anonymous e-mail: Jerry Powers had got a phone call from a hotel person that said ‘one of your representatives from the magazine is down here bad mouthing nightlife, hotels, etc.’ The magazine’s publicist panicked and called Powers, who then runs all the way down to City Hall and asks ex-Mayor Neisen Kasdin to let him speak before the City Council. He says that Trisha was not for him, and that Ocean Drive is for entertainment and hotels in South Beach. Then he said I was fired as he left.

DS: Did you receive a call from Jerry Powers?

TP: I never heard from Jerry Powers; he never phoned me, e-mailed. I still have never heard from him. I phoned the office the next day, and [Managing Editor] Eric Newill tells me my services would no longer be required. I had one piece ready, and one piece in the issue. The saddest thing is that I lost my friendship with Eric. Eric was my friend before he was my editor. He is friends with Jerry Powers. Eric wrote me an e-mail that it had played out too publicly and that he wished me good luck in my future endeavors. What kind of friendship is that?

DS: Had you informed the magazine of your appearance beforehand?

TP: Eric knew I was doing a video, and I did it in my friend’s hotel. I don’t remember if I told them what it was for. But the video wasn’t a secret. In the future I will ask permission. But it’s childish. I can’t believe Jerry Powers took this and made it an issue. Nobody would have known about it, and now I’m all over the place. He made Trisha Posner a star. I can’t go anywhere without people saying, ‘Yay, good for you!’ And they still have not paid me for my last piece. I sent them another e-mail on the 17th. They owe me $1,000. They have not written back to me, they have not phoned me. Why are they being so childish?

DS: Did you ever have any other problems at the magazine?

TP: No, I never had an issue and I had the best working relationship with this magazine. I have nothing bad to say about the magazine. I had a fabulous relationship—a unique relationship with my editor. I had never worked so well with an editor of a magazine my entire career. It was so easy, he is so smart, cerebral…it’s unbelievable. But they also got a lot out of me. They got Tina Brown through me. Bill Maher. I have an incredible track record. It was not hard for me to phone people and get them for the magazine. And I never used them for my advantage at all; I never used the magazine to get into restaurants or events. People say you never went to the parties, but I’m over that. I used to be a Studio 54 girl. I just really enjoyed my health column. They allowed me to write in my own voice.

DS: Why do you think Powers fired you?

TP: It’s all advertising driven, but I’m interviewing people for a new book who have advertised in his magazine. It wasn’t a big deal for anybody. The very next day Miami Magazine picked me up. He had a knee-jerk reaction. He didn’t even phone me. Wouldn’t you think he would phone me and say, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ and I would have been like, ‘Oh, I didn’t realize.’ Besides, I was crazy about my editor! Why would I try to hurt him? I hope one day I can work with Eric again.

DS: Has any other employee of Ocean Drive appeared publicly before and been identified as such?

TP: As far as I know I’m the first one, that’s why I made history. But I wasn’t talking about Ocean Drive. I hadn’t thought that under my name were the words ‘Columnist for Ocean Drive’. I didn’t see anything. Later I had e-mails from Tina Brown, everybody…they were really supportive.

DS: Your husband, author Gerald Posner, wrote a piece in The Huffington Post about your dismissal. Several of the comments to it state that since Ocean Drive is a large glossy magazine dependent upon advertising from the entertainment industry, that you bit the hand that fed you. How do you respond to such criticism?

TP: That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard, because it had nothing to do with Ocean Drive. There is another world. I’m not against development; if you listen to my statement I talk about how much I love the nightlife, how I love entertainment. But we all have to learn to live together. I know South Beach is party town, but we can live together. Let’s clean up our shit, take our garbage out, be respectful to our neighbors and also to the entertainment industry.

DS: Some of the comments that were made in HuffPo were that even though it was despicable that you were fired for expressing your opinion on a civic matter, that you should have expected it. Do you think comments like that are par for the course of apathy in the United States today, where people disagree with something, but shrug their shoulders instead?

TP: I think we live in dangerous times because of corporate America—people are really scared to speak out about anything; it is really dangerous. Freedom of speech. I came to live here in this country because it was for freedom of speech. I love America, and it has everything I could have dreamed of: the most incredible husband, friends, everything. But they are chipping away at it. One company is one company, but it shows how dangerous it is. What happens when the Rupert Murdochs own everything? They are trying to gag us. It is very dangerous. Whether it is the film industry, the music industry, D.C., they are trying to strangle all of us. All these regulations of what we can or can’t do. Does it mean if I have an opinion that I have to be gagged or not say who I am or what I think? What can and can’t I say? Maybe I’m just too black and white. I think we need to just chill out here. It wasn’t about Ocean Drive or Jerry Powers. It was about my home and my friends. I was helping out Frank. It was about the loophole and the Bijou [hotel]. I think what really freaked them out was that the video was professionally done.

DS: Another comment said, “The magazine itself sounds like a total contribution of everything that [is] wrong with America right now. Instead of promoting smart growth and longevity, it prostitutes itself to every new development, even at the cost of other developments (advertisers) who will lose out when this new one opens.” What are your thoughts on the magazine?

TP: I have an opinion about Ocean Drive. I used to say I don’t know who reads my columns, but I know they look good and I have an excellent following because people would stop me on the street or give me tons of e-mails. I understand what they are saying, but it is South Beach and that magazine works for South Beach. It’s been around for 13/14 years. I think that it’s healthy there is competition coming in. But the demographics for the magazine are people in their mid-twenties and early thirties. I didn’t realize that.

DS: What are your feelings about Jerry Powers?

TP: This man is a bully, and he wanted to bully me. He is not going to scare me. I’ve been in this business 20 years, and there is only one man who scares me: my husband.
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Affordable Yet Tasty Toaster Oven Sandwich Recipes

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By Roger Mitch

The first-ever electric toaster oven was invented in 1910 by a man named William Hadawy. This guy also designed and developed the toaster for the Westinghouse Corporation, which is still one of the leading toaster oven manufacturers today. Today, however, the oven toaster have moved beyond simply toasting different types of bread, for it can bake, broil roast and toast different types of food. From chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, veal and other recipes, the oven toasters of the present day can do it all for you.

Cool Toaster Oven Sandwich Recipes

If you have guests coming over for lunch or dinner, and you serve them different types of dishes and recipes, theyd probably be so surprised if they knew you cooked all of these on your small, but powerful, oven toaster. Here are some unique and tasty toaster oven recipes to consider.

Cuban Sandwich Recipe

The ingredients for cooking a delicious Cuban sandwich include 2 loaves Cuban or French bread (sliced in half), cup mayonnaise, 4 slices Swiss cheese, 4 small thinly-sliced dill pickles, half pound sliced cooked pork loin, half pound sliced cook ham, and two tablespoons melted butter.

– Once the ingredients are in place, preheat the oven toaster to 400F, and spread mayonnaise over the sliced bread surfaces.

YouTube Preview Image

– Place cheese, pork and ham and pickle slice on one half, and cover it with the second bread slice.

– Cut the bread in half and put it on slightly-oiled iron skillet.

– Push down the sandwiches using a spatula or hands, and brush the top with butter.

– Bake the Cuban sandwich for twenty minutes, until it becomes crisp and slightly golden brown.

Parisian Beef Sandwich Recipe

In baking Parisian beef sandwich, the ingredients include 1 loaf French bread, 1 lb cooked slice roast beef, 1/5 lb softened cheese, cup mango chutney mix.

– Turn on the toaster oven, and spread some oil over the cut bread sides.

– Toast for minute until the bread turns golden.

– Put roast beef and cheese on one side, and return to the toaster until the cheese becomes bubbly.

– Top the sandwiches with the sliced bread half, and serve once the heat dissolves.

While the early versions of the toaster oven were only good for toasting breads, and cooking simple recipes, todays new line of toasters combine essential oven functions, and are great for broiling, baking and even roasting.

This valuable and reliable piece of kitchen equipment can now cook different types of meat, as well as toast and broil vegetables and other food items. What makes this kitchen appliance so appealing is that while its a bit small, it can effectively handle most entrees, and still have enough room to spare.

This kitchen appliance also uses only a small fraction of electricity as compared to regular ovens, and most toaster oven designs today also carry extra-useful accessories like a broiling tray, cookie sheets and more. This kitchen appliance is definitely a must-have item for individuals who dont usually prepare large meals everyday.

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U.S. Senator Marco Rubio endorses Mitt Romney for president

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Friday, March 30, 2012

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida endorsed former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for president during the Wednesday night broadcast of the Fox News program Hannity. As justification for his decision, Rubio argued that Romney will be the Republican Party presidential nominee and offers “a stark contrast to …[President Barack Obama]’s record.”

Rubio, who is Cuban American, took office in 2011 after defeating former Florida governor Charlie Crist. He often receives mention as a potential running mate for the still-undecided 2012 Republican Party presidential nominee.

The Associated Press estimates that Romney currently leads his opponents for the nomination, Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, with 568 of the 1,144 delegates necessary to win. 1,258 delegates remain in play.

Gingrich and Santorum are continuing their presidential runs in the hope of forcing a brokered convention to deny Romney the nomination. Rubio warned of such a scenario in the Hannity interview, commenting that it would “be a recipe for disaster” and would help re-elect the Democrat, Obama.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush offered a similar justification in his endorsement of Romney earlier this month, calling on the party to “unite behind Governor Romney”.

Other potential vice-presidential nominees such as New Jersey governor Chris Christie and Virginia governor Bob McDonnell have already thrown their support to Romney.

Rubio claims to have not spoken with Romney about the vice-presidential nomination, and has previously denied any interest in it.

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Comparing Mortgages Over The Years

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Comparing Mortgages over the years


Jamie Francis

With the housing market slowly recovering from the economic struggles that the UK went through, the state of the mortgage market is also continuing to recover. May figures show that the market is improving and that the month provided the highest level of loans approved by major banks this year with a total of 36,709 mortgage applications being approved. However, despite these impressive figures the rate of recovery is still relatively slow and the amount of completed sales has only risen by one thousand in comparison to the previous two months.

Things have changed in most markets but the housing and mortgage market felt the bite of the credit crunch more than any other industry. 3 years after the credit crunch hit, comparisons are being made between figures released in June 2007 and those that have been released for April 2010. When you compare the two months against each other you can see clearly how the market has changed over the last three years.

YouTube Preview Image

House prices is the first fact that sticks out where in June 2007 the average price of a UK home was 184,070 compared to the latest figures for April 2010 showing the average price for a UK home as 167,802 (a decrease of around 9%). The amount of transactions that took place is probably the clearest sign of a change within the market over the set period of time; in June 2007, 162,000 transactions were completed compared to just 72,000 in April of this year (a decrease of over 55%).

These changes in the market should not discourage homeowners though if they are thinking about moving homes or remortgaging as there are still some competitive mortgage quotes available on the market. What it does mean is that all customers have to plan carefully and seek advice from professionals who have a good understanding of the current market conditions. When you need advice you should turn to a whole of market broker as these types of companies have access to a range of deals from the leading providers and they will be able to offer you the best advice.

For first time buyers, this type of advice is priceless as finding a mortgage for first time buyers can be tricky if you do not know what is available. Being pre-approved for a mortgage is a good idea as this means you have a good idea of what you will be able to afford and it narrows down your search when you are looking for the ideal home for you and your family.

On the other hand, if you re thinking of remortgaging then it s imperative that you consult a whole of market mortgage broker who can provide you with access to a range of deals in the marketplace as opposed to limiting yourself to the select deals that your current lender has to offer.

If you are looking for a

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Seeds placed in Norwegian vault as agricultural ‘insurance policy’

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a vault containing millions of seeds from all over the world, saw its first deposits on Tuesday. Located 800 kilometers from the North Pole on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, the vault has been referred to by European Commission president José Manuel Barroso as a “frozen Garden of Eden“. It is intended to preserve crop supplies and secure biological diversity in the event of a worldwide disaster.

“The opening of the seed vault marks a historic turning point in safeguarding the world’s crop diversity,” said Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust which is in charge of collecting the seed samples. The Norwegian government, who owns the bank, built it at a cost of $9.1 million.

At the opening ceremony, 100 million seeds from 268,000 samples were placed inside the vault, where there is room for over 2 billion seeds. Each of the samples originated from a different farm or field, in order to best ensure biological diversity. These crop seeds included such staples as rice, potatoes, barley, lettuce, maize, sorghum, and wheat. No genetically modified crops were included. (Beyond politics they are generally sterile so of no use.)

It is very important for Africa to store seeds here because anything can happen to our national seed banks.

Constructed deep inside a mountain and protected by concrete walls, the “doomsday vault” is designed to withstand earthquakes, nuclear warfare, and floods resulting from global warming. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called it an “insurance policy” against such threats.

With air-conditioned temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius, experts say the seeds could last for an entire millennium. Some crops will be able to last longer, like sorghum, which the Global Crop Diversity Trust says can last almost 20 millenniums. Even if the refrigeration system fails, the vaults are expected to stay frozen for 200 years.

The Prime Minister said, “With climate change and other forces threatening the diversity of life that sustains our planet, Norway is proud to be playing a central role in creating a facility capable of protecting what are not just seeds, but the fundamental building blocks of human civilization.” Stoltenberg, along with Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai, made the first deposit of rice to the vault.

“It is very important for Africa to store seeds here because anything can happen to our national seed banks,” Maathai said. The vault will operate as a bank, allowing countries to use their deposited seeds free of charge. It will also serve as a backup to the thousands of other seed banks around the world.

“Crop diversity will soon prove to be our most potent and indispensable resource for addressing climate change, water and energy supply constraints and for meeting the food needs of a growing population,” Cary Fowler said.

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Walt Disney Co. reconciles with Disney heir

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Saturday, July 9, 2005

Today The Walt Disney Company issued a joint statement with business partners Roy E. Disney and Stanley Gold to the media, as a show of reunion between the two camps after nearly three years of hostility.

Roy E. Disney, son of company co-founder Roy O. Disney and nephew of the company namesake Walt Disney, had resigned from his job as chairman of Feature Animation at the company after experiencing difficulty with the company’s board of directors, many of whom were biased towards company CEO Michael Eisner‘s view of what direction the company should take.

Eisner is due to retire from the company this September, and the talks with Disney and Gold are believed to have been led by Eisner’s successor, Bob Iger, who is currently President and COO of the company. Iger has shown great interest in building relationships back up with many companies who have refused to work with Disney until Eisner leaves, such as Pixar Animation and George Lucas.

Large scores of Disney fans had hoped Roy would read the Disneyland Dedication Speech on the theme park’s fiftieth birthday next week, which was originally read by Walt on the park’s opening day, but Roy had already entered an annual sailing race from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

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Four Benefits Of Window Tinting Wichita Ks

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byAlma Abell

Many people associate Window tinting Wichita KS with a vehicle, but there are also several benefits with tinting windows in your home. NorthStar Comfort Services can tint the windows in your home with a product that allows you to have a clear view of the outside, but those on the outside cant see in. Here are four benefits with home tinted windows.

Energy Efficiency

Tinted windows reduce the amount of heat that comes in the house from the outside air and sun, which reduces the amount of energy used by the air conditioner. During the winter, the tinting acts as a layer of insulation that traps heat inside the house, so you will not waste money on heat escaping heat.


The tint film installed on the glass window panes prevents the window pane from shattering should it break. The glass is held together with the film so shards of glass do not fly into the house. It also makes the glass more difficult to break away if a burglar tries to break the window to enter your home. Window tinting also provides privacy by preventing those who are passing by from being able to see inside your home.

Save Money

When you have tinted windows the UV rays from the sun are blocked from entering through the windows and damaging carpets, furniture, drapes and cabinets. Direct sunlight can also damage artwork, electronics and fade the color on flooring and walls, so tinted windows will save you a significant amount of money on replacing these items.

Aesthetic Appeal

Window tinting is available in a wide range of colors and shades that can improve the look of your home. The privacy, security and energy efficiency of tinted windows can also help increase the resale value of your home. In order for tinting film to work effectively, it must be installed correctly. It is important that you contact a professional window tinting company to install the tinting film for you to ensure it is fitted and installed correctly. In most situations a professional window tinting company can complete all of the windows in your home in one day. The tint film is easy to maintain, but it is important to follow the manufactures instructions for cleaning. Visit website for more information.

Wikinews interviews Steve Burke, U.S. Democratic Party presidential candidate

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

This article is a featured article. It is considered one of the best works of the Wikinews community. See Wikinews:Featured articles for more information.

Macomb, New York Councilman Steve Burke took some time to speak with Wikinews about his campaign for the U.S. Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nomination.

Burke, an insurance adjuster and farmer, was elected councilman in Brookhaven, New York in 1979. He left the town after being accused and found not guilty of bribery in the 1980s. Since 1987 he has served as Macomb councilman off-and-on and currently holds the post. From 1993 to 1996 and 1999 to 2002 he worked as chairman of the Democratic Party of St. Lawrence County, New York. Among his many political campaigns, Burke unsuccessfully sought the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination in 1992 and recently attempted to run for U.S. Congress in 2014 but too many of his ballot petition signatures were found invalid. Burke filed with the Federal Election Commission to run for president in the 2016 election on September 18, 2015 and has qualified for the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire Primary.

With Wikinews reporter William S. Saturn?, Burke discusses his political background, his 2016 presidential campaign, and his policy proposals.

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Three firemen die fighting office block fire in China

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

An office block fire in Ürümqi, northwest China has claimed the lives of three firefighters and injured a fourth. The 12-storey dual-purpose office and market building was completely destroyed in the blaze, which also spread to and severely damaged an adjacent hotel.

According to a spokesman for Xinjiang fire brigade, an eyewitness reported that the fire, which started at around 8:20 p.m. local time on Wednesday night, originated in a stall selling mops on the first floor of the Dehui International Plaza. According to a security guard, the building had been emptied of customers 20 minutes before and consequently few people remained in the building at the time of the fire. Fire crews arrived within 15 minutes of the fire starting.

The plaza’s basement up to its fourth floor contained a total of approximately 2,000 stalls selling items such as clothes, cosmetics and toys. Floors five to 12 housed offices.

All 12 floors were engulfed by fire, and fire crews eventually abandoned efforts to tackle the conflagration amid fears of a collapse. The fire continued into Thursday afternoon, but has since been controlled. It burned for a total of nearly 22 hours. A neighbouring 20-storey hotel also caught fire; only the seventh floor was affected before the second building was put out. All guests were evacuated.

As of 6:30 p.m. there was still much smoke in the area, but no visible flames. Rescue workers remained unable to access the building due to continued intense heat. A total of 435 fire fighters and 84 fire engines were involved in the emergency response. 100 firefighters continue to check the hotel for any small fires, which may remain to be extinguished. Structural measures have been undertaken to prevent the steel framed plaza from collapsing when the metal comes into contact with cool night air, which typically falls to temperatures of minus 20 degrees centigrade.

The injured fireman has been hospitalised and is in a stable condition. The deceased were identified as Zhu Xiaolei, Zhang Yu and Gao Feng. They had been conducting a search of the building to check for anyone who may have been trapped. Feng was initially considered missing, but was subsequently confirmed to have died. It is presently believed no civilians were injured in the blaze.

A quantification for the value of damages caused is not yet available. Authorities have launched an investigation into the disaster.

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Does Mari Winsor Pilates Really Worth The Hype?

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By Christopher Smith

If you take a look at a Pilates forum, you’ll very quickly come across a few that are totally dedicated to Windsor Pilates. The most sweeping question: does it work? Of course, like most questions, depending on who you ask, you’ll get diverse answers. Some know its one of the most adequate workouts available, while others feels its a complete waste of time.

So who do you believe?

YouTube Preview Image

Kind words spoken in favor of Windsor Pilates contain statements that claimed a slimmer, sculpted body as a result of Mari Winsor Pilates and others advertise that you only need 60 minutes a week with this form of exercise in order to have the slimmer, firmer body while even more call Pilates a low-intensity powerhouse of a workout. The only way to be absolutely sure of whether or not Windsor Pilates is right for you is to try it out and see. You can always check with your local library and see if they have one of the DVDs before spending the cash to try it out. If you conclude you like it, then be sure to spend money on your own DVD. No matter how much you love it or abominate it, the library will want their copy back, I promise.

Pilates has been around for more than seventy years and several of Hollywood’s finest celebrities tout the veracity of all claims that this is truly one of the best low-intensity body shaping workouts that money can buy. This, by many has been enough to give this workout a try. While some love it, there are obviously those it doesn’t work magic for and then there are those who bought it and never bothered to take it out of the DVD case (it certainly didn’t work for them). Students who study Mari Winsor Pilates often claim to feel restrored and energized after a workout rather than feeling drowsy and drained as they invariably do with different workout methods.

Others feel that Pilates is not an a satisfactory form of working out to meet their needs. No one exercise is going to be right for everyone. That being said, there are many that feel it is a great exercise plan, but not necessarily a weight loss plan. As a result I recommend that you never use diet or exercise alone as part of a weight loss plan, but a combination of the two. Of course you should always consult with your doctor before beginning any major weight loss regimen. To answer the question: Does Mari Winsor Pilates really work? That answer is one that only you can answer for yourself. I can, however, tell you that nothing works unless you try.

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