Job Employment Interviews: Preparing For The ‘Team Interview’

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By Kirk W. Nobbe

In the course of your employment and interview process ‘career you may encounter a routine, process or ‘type of interview’ style which often is referred to as the ‘Team Style’ interview. Employing a team in the interview process, allows for shared input and expertise by a group of specifically trained and experienced staff members and employers. Its can be quicker, more in depth and in many cases read directly to a job employment offer. Pulling out the sliver all at once can be a long let painless than letting it fester other time.

A team interview may be given by a group of two to five employees. Usually the employees are trained in interviewing techniques and procedures. They will meet prior to the interview process to determine the subject areas and depth of fields that each team member will cover in the interview or interviews. A few common questions may be asked by all the team members in order to give the applicant more than one opportunity for adequate expression.

In this type of interview, the applicant meets individually with each member of the team, the team and applicants do not meet together at one time. After the interviewing is completed, the team members meet to discuss the applicant’s performance. Using common criteria, they assess the information from the individual sessions and their reactions before identifying the best or more suitable candidate or candidates (if there are several positions or a number of different positions in the organization).

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Using common criteria thus, the company or organization ‘team’ will then assess the information that was elicited from the individual sessions and their individual and common group reactions before taking the next steps of identifying and choosing the best candidate or candidates.

Team interviews have very good advantages in that they give applicants the chances to meet with several people, rather than only one individual interviewer. Furthermore the applicant will get the chance to meet and interact with several different people, who at various times during their employment with the firm or organization, may well be their peers, supervisors or even direct bosses or managers. In the field of life, it often comes down to personalities and their interrractions. And relationships to each other. It can be better for both parties to find out potential difficulties and pitfalls sooner rather than later in their employment and career paths. The ‘team interview’ approach works to ensure that the personalities fit. Thus this type of interview style and process ensures personality congruence and increases the applicant’s chances of establishing rapport with a high percentage of members on the company’s team. After all the whole goal of the exercise is to enhance the company’s team spirit, morale and in the end productivity and ultimately profit.

Another team interview tactic is for several team members to use a panel interview format. This method is used when a future hire will be working directly with several management staff. Having a candidate meet with several people at once is efficient and saves valuable as well as expensive management time and expense. Travel costs as well as costs of renting a remote meeting room – such as a hotel room, if away from head office can be reduced. Thus not only is time saved, but also money. For an out of town candidate , meeting several interviewers in a single setting eliminates the need to travel to the prospective employer multiple times to the prospective employer, thus saving time and money – valuable if however chooses to pay the fare.

As a potential interviewee it is best to know the names of the members of the interviewing team and as well something about their specific areas of expertise. Again your basic research skills will come into play. Use this valuable information, which you have gleaned to enhance your presentation and performance. Lastly , just as if you were at a border post being interviewed by a customs officer , ensure that your answers to any and all interview, and non interview related questions and queries and consistent and congruent.

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Portugal to produce new Volkswagen model in 2008

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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Volkswagen announced the Palmela, Portugal factory – Autoeuropa – has been chosen to produce a new car model beginning the first quarter of 2008, but did not specify the model to be produced.

“The decision to produce a new model in Autoeuropa is the result of the competitive cost of production of the factory, well as the favorable conditions of the cooperation established by the Portuguese government and the workers,” announced Wolfgang Bernhard.

José Sócrates, prime minister of Portugal, said he was “satisfied with the decision of Volkswagen to produce a new model in the factory of Palmela,” and considered that the decision, “reflected the confidence [of the investors] in the Portuguese economy.”

Volkswagen will reveal the new model to be produced next week. By 2008, the factory at Palmela will only be producing the multi-purpose vehicle Sharan and the Eos models.

With the end of the production of the multi-purpose vehicle, the factory needs to guarantee new product lines, since the new Eos is not sufficient to maintain the current 2,790 workers.

The Volkswagen Autoeuropa produced a total of 79,896 vehicles last year, of the models Volkswagen Sharan, SEAT Alhambra, Ford Galaxy and Volkswagen Eos, against the 95,660 vehicles produced in 2004.

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UK lawyer comments on court case against Boeing over London jet crash

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Friday, November 20, 2009

On Thursday, ten of those on board British Airways Flight 38 launched a case against Boeing over the accident before a court in Illinois. They are suing over an alleged flawed design that allowed an ice buildup to bring the 777 jet down at London’s Heathrow Airport. Scottish advocate Peter Macdonald spoke to Wikinews, commenting on the case and explaining the surrounding legislation. He has experience of litigating aviation accidents.

Although investigations are ongoing, the United Kingdom’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has issued interim reports indicating ice buildup on an engine component. As the jet passed over Siberia on its journey from Beijing, China it encountered significantly reduced temperatures. The AAIB has determined that the fuel was at a temperature below 0°C for an unusually long duration. This is believed to have caused water in the fuel — which met all relevant international standards — to have frozen into crystals.

A build-up of ice developed on a component called the fuel/oil heat exchanger. This restricted the flow of fuel to the engine, resulting in an “uncommanded engine rollback” — a loss of power — on approach for landing. Investigators initially struggled to produce enough ice under test conditions but later discovered that at high concentration, fuel can form ice at very low temperatures in enough quantity to seriously restrict fuel flow. This does not occur when fuel demand is lower, as the hot oil then becomes sufficient to entirely melt the ice. It was only when extra fuel was pumped in from the tanks for the landing that the crystals became a problem. The fuel/oil heat exchanger is a dual purpose part designed to simultaneously melt fuel ice and cool down engine oil by passing oil pipes through the fuel flow.

If I am correct that it is a product liability suit, then the fact that this is the first such accident matters not

The crew of the aircraft were praised for their handling of the emergency, avoiding the airport’s perimeter fence and nearby houses to crash land short of the runway. None of the 136 passengers and 16 crew were killed but some of those suffered serious injuries, including broken bones and facial injuries. Some were left unable to fly and there were cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The crash was triggered by highly unusual circumstances; the first AAIB report noted that cold fuel behaving in this manner was an “apparently hitherto unknown phenomenon.” As part of the investigation, data of 141,000 flights of 777s equipped with the engine model involved — the Rolls-Royce Trent 800 — was reviewed without finding any relevant circumstance similar to the accident flight, although there was later a similar incident in the United States in which the aircraft continued safely after repowering one engine; the second did not lose power.

Given the circumstances surrounding the case, Wikinews asked Peter Macdonald if the plaintiffs intended to prove that Boeing knew or should have known the Rolls-Royce powerplant was dangerously defective by design. “I rather suspect that there may be product liability legislation in place in whichever US jurisdiction is being used,” Macdonald explained. “Such statutes normally do not require proof of fault, nor do they require proof of knowledge. All that you have to show is that there was a defect in the product which caused the losses concerned… If I am correct that it is a product liability suit, then the fact that this is the first such accident matters not.”

[Rolls-Royce] would be liable for a defect in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 1987

Macdonald went on to discuss the international legislation and how it interacts to the plaintiffs and the three companies involved — Boeing, British Airways and Rolls-Royce. Only Boeing is currently named in an action over the case. “There are several reasons why the plaintiffs will wish to sue Boeing in the States,” he said. “Were the plaintiffs to seek redress in a court in the United Kingdom, it is unlikely that the relevant part of Boeing would be subject to jurisdiction here.” He also pointed out that “US damages are generally higher than English damages.”

“As to whether Boeing should settle, that all depends upon the basis of the action. If it is a fault [negligence] based action, they will be able to defend it. If fault is not needed, that is why they would want the action dismissed, forcing litigation in the UK.” In the UK, a product liability suit “would ordinarily be directed against the importers, i.e. British Airways… It would be a simple matter to sue BA here [the UK] for the physical injuries and their financial consequences,” said Macdonald. “That leaves RR [Rolls-Royce]. I assume that the engine was made in the UK. They would be liable for a defect in terms of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, Part I.” This piece of UK-wide legislation states that “where any damage is caused wholly or partly by a defect in a product [the manufacturer] shall be liable for the damage.” Damage includes injuries.

US courts decide international jurisdictional issues under the Jones Act, passed as a result of Bhopal litigation, “which makes it much more difficult for a foreigner to sue in the US if the accident did not happen there… My restricted understanding of that is that it is likely that it would be difficult to remove an action from a US court where the aircraft was made in the US.” He further pointed out that the court would require there to be an alternative court with jurisdiction over the issue. “It may well be that the relevant part of the Boeing group is not subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts… I have seen cases where it was made a condition of the grant of an order under the Jones Act that the defendants would submit to the jurisdiction of a court in Scotland and that they would not take a plea of time bar in the even that an action was raised within three months of the court order.”

He then addressed the international law with regards to what could be claimed for against air carriers such as BA. In a previous case against the same airline, Abnett v British Airways, the House of Lords ruled in 1997 “that the only remedy for an injured passenger on an international flight is to sue under the Warsaw Convention, Article 17, incorporated into our law by the Carriage by Air Act, 1961.” The Warsaw Convention governs liability for international commercial airlines. At the time, the House of Lords was the highest court of appeal in the UK, although it was recently replaced by the Supreme Court. The Abnett case referred to British Airways Flight 149, in which Iraq captured the aircraft and occupants when it landed in Kuwait hours after Iraq invaded in 1990. Peter Macdonald represented Abnett in this case.

The Convention “provides a remedy for “bodily injury”. Interestingly, the term only appeared in the final draft of the Warsaw Convention. There is no mention of the term in the minutes of the many sessions which lead up to the final draft. It was produced overnight and signed later that day.” This term creates difficulties in claiming for mental problems such as the fear of flying or PTSD, although Macdonald points out that “there is a large amount of medical literature which details physical and chemical changes in the brains of people who are suffering from PTSD.”

In King v Bristow Helicopters, heard before the House of Lords in 2002 “held that PTSD was not a “bodily injury”, but expressly left the door open for someone to try to prove that what is known as PTSD is the manifestation of physical changes in the brain which have been brought about by the trauma. Such a litigation is pending in Scotland.” Macdonald is acting in this case.

Actions against Boeing are not bound in this way, as the Warsaw Convention only applies to airlines, making the States an attractive place to sue due to the issues with demonstrating jurisdiction against the relevant part of the Boeing group in the UK. Another reason why the plaintiffs would prefer to sue in America is that in the UK “there would be liability [for BA], and that would be subject to a damages cap. An action in the US [against any defendant] would probably have the same cap, but is likely to award damages more generously in the event that the cap is not reached.”

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Report urges Kenya to ban plastic bags

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Wednesday, March 9, 2005File:Plastic bag stock sized.jpg

They are cheap, useful, and very plentiful, and that is exactly the problem, according to researchers. A report issued on Feb. 23 by a cadre of environment and economics researchers suggested that Kenya should ban the common plastic bag that one gets at the checkout counter of grocery stores, and place a levy on other plastic bags, all to combat the country’s environmental problems stemming from the bags’ popularity.

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Your Pet Will Love Bed And Breakfast Pet Friendly Inns

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By Darlene Berkel

If you are a pet owner, you may have found that it is difficult to take a last minute holiday. Many hotels do not allow pets to stay in their rooms, and relying on neighbors to ‘pet sit’ is not always possible. You may feel that a holiday is not complete unless you can take your pet with you, but, thankfully, this does not always have to limit your holidays to caravan parks or camping trips. There are many pet friendly bed and breakfast establishments out there just waiting for you and your pet to come and stay.

Fortunately, more and more popular holiday destinations offer value for money bed and breakfast, pet friendly too! The numerous websites on the Internet that are devoted to the needs of pets and their owners have names and addresses of bed and breakfast pet friendly inns. However, these may have some limitations regarding the number of pets they can accommodate at a time. They may even have some restrictions on the kind of pet and its size. Some allow only well behaved dogs on their premises.

Researching Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfasts

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Once you have decided to go on holiday, and you have selected a bed an breakfast, it is prudent to call ahead and confirm that accommodation for the bet is available on the day. It is unlikely you will have any problems, but it is still best to double check that pets are allowed, and to make sure there are no restrictions on the size or kind of pet that they can accommodate.

A typical bed and breakfast, pet friendly or otherwise has a restful and intimate atmosphere, quite unlike a hotel or resort. Well behaved pets may be welcome, but owners will have to ensure that the dogs are house trained and have not got disoriented because of the road journey to a new place. They should not disturb other guests, or cause any destruction. Bed and breakfast pet friendly establishments may have certain areas where the pets cannot go. The pet owner has to ensure that these ground rules are obeyed.

Most pet friendly bed and breakfast establishments will not charge an extra fee to accommodate your pet, however some may ask for a refundable deposit in case of any accidents or damage caused by the pet. There are some that will charge extra per night for you to bring your pet, but these are rare, and you will always be informed in advance. Even if they do charge extra, the chance to bring your pet with you on the holiday of a lifetime will be well worth it.

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Hollywood legend Charlton Heston dies at age 84

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Screen legend and conservative icon Charlton Heston, twice winner of an Academy Award during his 50 year film career, died Saturday, April 5 in Beverly Hills, California.

“To his loving friends, colleagues and fans, we appreciate your heartfelt prayers and support. Charlton Heston was seen by the world as larger than life. No one could ask for a fuller life than his. No man could have given more to his family, to his profession, and to his country. In his own words, ‘I have lived such a wonderful life. I’ve lived enough for two people,'” said his family in a statement released to the press.

Heston starred in the 1959 film Ben Hur which won 11 Academy Awards. He also starred in the 1968 film The Planet of The Apes. Near the end of his life, he primarily did cameo roles, including two in the films Tombstone with Kurt Russell, and True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Heston’s family did not state the cause of death, but in 2002, he revealed that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Heston was 84.

In his early career, Heston spoke out against racism and was active in the civil rights movement. He played in films such as The Omega Man and Soylent Green (which ends with Heston saying “Soylent Green is people!“), which contain a strong environmental message.

Heston was also president of the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2003. In 2000, he declared at the NRA convention that Presidential candidate Al Gore could only take away his Second Amendment rights “From my cold, dead hands,” raising a presentation rifle over his head.

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Teen broadcasts suicide online

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Pembroke Pines, Florida teenager killed himself Wednesday, November 19, while broadcasting on the live video site After making suicide threats and being encouraged by viewers and forum members, Abraham K. Biggs, 19, committed suicide by taking an overdose of opiates and benzodiazepine, which had been prescribed for his bipolar disorder.

Biggs first began blogging about his planned suicide 12 hours before the actual event. He died after taking pills and lying on the bed in front of the webcam. After the broadcast, viewers who apparently thought it was a hoax posted messages such as “OMG”, “LOL”, and “hahahah”.

Hours later, after being alerted by viewers who had noticed that Biggs had stopped breathing, law enforcement and paramedics arrived, discovered his body, and covered the camera. The Broward County Medical Examiner’s Office has reportedly confirmed Biggs’ death.

According to Montana Miller of the Bowling Green State University, the circumstances of this case were not shocking: “If it’s not recorded or documented, then it doesn’t even seem worthwhile. For today’s generation it might seem, ‘What’s the point of doing it if everyone isn’t going to see it?'”

Biggs’ sister Rosalind was angry that neither the website nor its viewers reacted soon enough to save him. “They got hits, they got viewers, nothing happened for hours,” she said. She described him as “very happy” and “friendly and outgoing.” “On a normal day, you couldn’t really tell that he got as low as he did.” However, he did have relationship problems with his girlfriend, according to a friend.

Mental health professionals have warned about the possibility that other mentally troubled people would copy his actions. According to Dr. David Shaffer of Columbia University, “Any video showing it as heroic or romantic or glamorous could reduce the anxiety people might feel about suicide. It becomes a respectable behavior and lowers the threshold of suicide.” He and other psychiatrists recommend that potentially suicidal teens talk to others and “tell what’s going on.”

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Women reveal accounts of forced abortion in Scientology

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Scientology is facing renewed criticism, due to an extensive exposé in the Florida newspaper the St. Petersburg Times which contains revealing accounts of women involved in the organization who say they were forced to have abortions. Multiple different female members of the Scientology group called the Sea Org said they were pressured to have abortions, and were threatened with separation from their families, hard labor, interrogations, and shunning, if they did not comply.

Women that came forward to the St. Petersburg Times said that those who did not wish to undergo an abortion were shunned by others within the Sea Org group, and were labeled as “out ethics” and “degraded beings”. The Sea Org consists of 6,000 members of Scientology, who sign billion-year contracts to work for the organization for multiple lifetimes. Joining the Sea Org is considered a high calling within Scientology.

L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, stated his appreciation for families within the Sea Org. Scientology’s subsequent leader, David Miscavige, issued an order that children were to be banned in the Sea Org. The mandate by Miscavige asserted that children hampered the productivity of the Scientology order.

There is no church policy to convince anyone to have an abortion, and the church has never engaged in such activity.

Scientology representative, Tommy Davis denied all of the assertions made by the women. “There is no church policy to convince anyone to have an abortion, and the church has never engaged in such activity. The decision to have a child or terminate a pregnancy is a personal decision made by a couple. That applies to all Scientologists. If any current or former Sea Org member ever ‘pressured’ someone to have an abortion, they did so independently, and that action was not approved, endorsed or advocated by the church,” stated Davis to the St. Petersburg Times.

Another woman is suing the Scientology organization in United States federal court, and stated she was threatened with severe repercussions if she did not have an abortion. Claire Headley, 35, a member of the Sea Org when she was in Scientology, told the St. Petersburg Times, “The policy was if a staff member became pregnant, that they were to have an abortion.”

In 1991, Headley became a member of the Sea Org at age sixteen, and began work with the division of the organization in Los Angeles, California. She married at age seventeen, while a member of the organization. Headley said that officials within Scientology leadership pressured her to have two abortions: one at age nineteen, and another at age 21. Headley believed she had “no choice”, as she had witnessed other women that refused to have abortions instructed to perform manual labor, with one pregnant woman ordered to dig ditches. Headley said that during pressure to have her second abortion she was forbidden to phone her husband to discuss the decision. She spent a total of thirteen years in the Sea Org.

The policy was if a staff member became pregnant, that they were to have an abortion.

Laura Dieckman, 31, said that she was enthusiastic about beginning a family when she became pregnant within Scientology at age seventeen, but was instructed to have an abortion. In a federal lawsuit against Scientology, Dieckman stated she joined with the Sea Org at the age of twelve, and at age sixteen she married another member of the group, Jesse DeCrescenzo. She said she was pressured to have an abortion in 1996.

Dieckman said to the St. Petersburg Times: “I was pounded for two days by the top person in my organization … about how the baby wasn’t a baby yet, it was just tissue and it wouldn’t matter if I aborted the baby.” Dieckman left Scientology in 2004. In a video posted to the website of the St. Petersburg Times, Dieckman emotionally recounted how she had immediately regretted going through with the procedure, “They will do an ultrasound before the procedure so you see the heartbeat. … I’m lying there … and I was like, ‘No.’ But it’s too late. I’d already done it.”

Natalie Hagemo said that 20 years ago at age nineteen, she was pressured by Scientology officials to have an abortion, but she resisted. Hagemo gave birth to Shelby on August 20, 1990. Hagemo’s daughter was recruited into the Sea Org at age 14. Shelby contacted her mother a week later wanting to leave the Sea Org; Hagemo had a difficult time getting Shelby out of the group. It was not until this year that Hagemo told her daughter about experiencing pressure from Scientology officials to have an abortion.

The St. Petersburg Times received sworn depositions from additional women including Sunny Pereira, who said they were intimidated into having abortions they did not wish to undergo. “They put you in this position where you’re weighing the lives of all these people you’re supposed to be saving against this one little tiny speck of nuisance that’s growing inside of you,” said Pereira. Spokesman Tommy Davis stated the women were accusing Scientology of forced abortions because of choices they now “appear to regret”.

In Nevada, Republican party candidate for the United States Senate, Sharron Angle, was the focus of criticism for her support of a Scientology-associated program. Angle’s opponent, incumbent Senator and Senate Majority Leader Democrat Harry Reid, took out a 30-second negative political ad critical of Angle for supporting “a Scientology plan to give massages to prisoners”. The prison program Angle had supported was based on techniques developed by Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard. Angle had previously been the subject of a similar ad in the Republican primary, generated by the campaign of her opponent Sue Lowden. Sharron Angle is pro-life, and The New York Times columnist Ramesh Ponnuru noted her position against abortion helped her win the Republican primary. “Angle would not have been able to unite populist conservatives and beat the party establishment’s candidate had she been pro-choice,” noted Ponnuru.

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Crane Trucks: Redefining Mobility And Efficiency

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Crane Trucks: Redefining Mobility and Efficiency



Crane Trucks: Redefining Mobility and Efficiency

Crane truck surpassed its predecessors in lifting technology because of its mobility and the efficiency it provides. The crane attached at the back of the truck is its main feature and the important part of the truck because it does all the task of the crane truck. No construction and transportation company can operate without using a single crane truck. A crane truck is a kind of truck that carries a boom on its back. This type of truck is tire driven; making it more mobile for it does not need a huge trailer truck to carry the crane from one place to another. Another special feature of crane trucks

are their outriggers. Outriggers are keeping the stability of

YouTube Preview Image

crane trucks

when lifting heavy equipments. Without outriggers, the truck cannot be able to lift heavy stuff and move it horizontally to the desired position.

In general, crane trucks

are being used in construction and transport industries and sometimes on manufacturing industries. A crane truck can load and unload heavy cargos and provide lift in the assembly line. The crane at the back of the truck proves to be a very efficient machine in lifting many things from small vehicles to large cargo and heavy construction equipments and materials. The unique design of the crane truck illustrates how efficient it is a simple machine being fused to another machine and produces large scale function.

Lifting heavy objects into the air and unload it into another place is not an easy task. It requires precision and good control of the machine. Before, simple crane and lifting machines have limited capabilities because they are all stationary. Although they can carry much heavier cargo they cannot be transported without using trailer trucks. The fusion of big crane and truck makes the job easier for construction workers. Compared to its ancestors, crane trucks

can provide a lift and can transport itself because they have rubber tires. Although useful, rubber tires cause limitations to a crane truck in terms of its capacity to lift. Having rubber tires means a lesser capability to lift heavier objects. Designers of crane trucks came up with the solution to this kind of problem. They attached outriggers to both sides of the crane truck to stabilize the truck and partially lift the whole truck so that rubber tires will not fully ouch the ground flatly. The hydraulic jacks of the outriggers support the whole weight of the truck plus the weight of the object being lifted.

Even if the use of crane truck is convenient, its use poses great danger when not operated properly. The crane attached at the back of the truck must be properly controlled because the object being lifted might move sideways and might hit people and other vehicles around the areas. To avoid accident operators must be a licensed driver and has a proper training to operate crane trucks. Hours of training must be required for construction workers and drivers in order for them to operate the truck. The quality of the crane truck that you will buy must be your top priority for it will ensure the safety of your workers and their efficiency. You must also find a reliable truck store and truck dealer to be sure that your money will not go into waste. If you are interested to buy trucks, try to visit i-80 equipment because they offer many brands of trucks that may suit your taste. Please feel free to visit the website of i-80 equipment at

The quality of the crane truck that you will buy must be your top priority for it will ensure the safety of your workers and their efficiency. You must also find a reliable truck store and truck dealer to be sure that your money will not go into waste. If you are interested to buy trucks, try to visit i-80 equipment because they offer many brands of trucks that may suit your taste. Please feel free to visit the website of i-80 equipment at

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Building collapse in Barbados traps family

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Sunday, August 26, 2007Miami Dade Fire Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue Florida Task Force 1 Members were on the scene since last night. Search dogs worked the scene all night.

According to current reports, sometime early this morning, an apartment building in Brittons Hill, Barbados fell into a cave below.

Five family members are known to be trapped in the collapse, although reports have not be made as to whether these are the only individuals involved. Rescue workers, as well as several prominent politicians are currently on the scene; two cranes have been deployed to remove debris. Evacuation has occurred, with an extension of this area being discussed.

Miami Dade Police arrived on the scene late Sunday night and are now in a joint effort with the Barbados Defence Force, Barbados Fire Service and Royal Barbados Police Force to rescue possible survivors. Prime Minister Owen Arthur also stated that surveys are currently being conducted to determine the stability of the surrounding area, and only after these reports have been compiled will residents know whether they will be able to return to their homes.

A cadaver dog was sent into the cavern and has identified two areas where there are possible dead bodies. Sadly it is no longer a rescue mission but recovery one.

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