Why Artificial Grass Can Save You Headaches

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Why Artificial Grass Can Save You Headaches



Maintaining a lawn can be a very time consuming task. It requires constant mowing, regular weeding and the occassional watering during those dry summer months. This is why apartment living is becoming more favourable to people, with no gardens and therefore no regular maintenance. As a society we are becoming increasingly busy, with less and less time available to perform these menial tasks.


For those who do have a garden, it obviously comes with its benefits. It looks nice (if properly maintained) and it’s a great space to just lay down and chill out, whether it be sunbaking or simply reading a book. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have your cake and eat it to? By that I mean wouldn’t it be ideal if you could have a lawn, but not spend hours every week looking after it? Well there is a way. And the answer lies with artificial grass. This is a product which is made from synthetic fibres, but still looks and acts like regular grass. Well I shouldn’t say acts like, because it doesn’t grow like normal grass. But it provides the same functionality, and requires no maintenance. Artificial grass, or synthetic turf as it’s also known, rose to popularity on sports grounds decades ago. It was a widely used surface on hockey grounds and tennis courts, but lately it can be seen on an array of sporting ovals. And now it’s used commonly on residential lawns. Though it might be more expensive initially to install than regular grass, over the life of your garden the savings begin to add up. You do not have to worry about seeding, weeding, fertilising, trimming or mowing, and only need to give it the odd hosing when it gets dirty. Furthermore, artificial turf is made with compounds that prevent deterioration, so you’ll never need to replace it. It is also safer for kids when playing in cold weather than normal grass. So if your children are prone to injuries or are particular rough with eachother, synthetic turf is a great solution. At the other end of the season spectrum, some types of artificial grasses are actually 20% cooler on your feet, which is ideal in hot weather. If you’re interested in changing over from regular grass in your garden, suppliers will usually have a showroom for you to visit. In there, you can sample the various types of fake grass, see it, touch it, even stand on it. This allows you to find the perfect solution for you, that will suit your home perfectly. And once you’ve decided upon a particular type, you can get it installed conveniently and professionally. Your lawn space will be measured and fitted up so that you only purchase what you need. And if you are handy around the house, there are plenty of online instructional videos if you want to do it yourself. But then again, you are buying an artifical lawn so chances are you don’t want the extra hassle!

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Why Artificial Grass Can Save You Headaches

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