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(Reporter Chu toward new) yesterday, the provincial government approved the establishment of value-South “12.27” major accident investigation team, the survey group requested the responsible department heads Hengnan not leave south balance, the survey reported in 2011 around January 15 to submit.

29 afternoon, the accident investigation team commissioned by the deputy director of Hunan Provincial Safety, Provincial Work Safety Supervision Bureau as deputy director Li Jian, Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection addition, the Procuratorate, Education Department and other departments to send representatives to attend, the State Security Committee supervise the handling of the accident is.

Li Jian introduced, the accident was the illegal operation of a typical, severe overloading of the major road traffic accidents, road traffic safety Hengnan exposed serious loopholes in the management of dead. The tricycle owners ignore safety regulations, illegal carrying, severe overloading, county and city governments and the relevant functional departments to combat illegal trading and lax.

Li Jian, said the driver of long-term illegal transfer students, so long the illegal violations, relevant local governments, the relevant functional departments in the “fighting rule violation,” the operation is how to deploy, how to check, how to rectification, to investigate thoroughly clear.

Li Jian introduced, the accident investigation team as soon as possible after identification, causes and direct economic losses, identify the nature and responsibilities of the accident, the persons responsible for processing of suggestions.MIDDLE related to the accident with the relevant officials are not free to leave the value for the South, standby survey group interviewed, 15 January 2011 for about the first draft of the submission of investigation report.


Parents said the victims were forced to sign a compensation agreement

Magistrate denied the South a balance, said the hospital to mobilize large number of police to maintain order

Yesterday, several parents of students killed, said the local government spend a lot of police after the incident, forcing parents to sign consent compensation agreement.MIDDLE six deputy governor said Shaw, large number of police deployed at the hospital for the maintenance work order, no sign of forced villagers.

Police said the families of the victims of conflict

29, Wang Yuanfu, WANG Cheng States and many other parents of students killed, told reporters that the early evening of 27 and 28 was a threat to the local government, the large number of police was forced to sign consent suppressed compensation agreement.

“Scene is heavily armed police, Politics and Law Committee secretary surnamed Wu said, you have to take the body away for cremation signature, should not sign away cremation.” Wangyuan Fu said local officials also proposed the first 1 million signing bonus money.

Yesterday, the network news that the local police carrying batons, forced the villagers to sign it. Lung Shun Leung family members of students killed, said when police clashed with some parents do to show the hands of reporters in the lead in pulling a slight injuries.

Yesterday, Deputy Mayor Xiao six Hengnan said, the scene a number of “those who know the truth,” the work order to maintain the hospital that night really mobilized a lot of police, but no sign of forced family members, family members are voluntary signature.

Sorry kids, said the county party secretary

Yesterday, the county party secretary Zhou Qianshan Hengnan accident investigation team to Hunan Province, said the accident killed 14 students, as a county party secretary has the responsibility, “so many children dead, I’m sorry these kids and their parents, how can I accept the punishment” .

Qianshan week said such a big accident, and the county poor management Hengnan education, the work of traffic police and other departments are not usually implemented, management is not in place related to serious dereliction of duty, lack of supervision issues.

MIDDLE Politics and Law Committee officials, many villagers spontaneously participate in saving time of the incident, the local has verified the plot, save for some villagers to return to do justice.

Chu towards the new reporter

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