Choosing The Right Yoga Teacher Training Course

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Deciding to do a yoga teacher training course is to bring a positive transformation in life. This change will affect all aspects of your life. The physical aspect is the first and basic part of Yoga that tones the body. The mind will become accustomed to remaining calm in tough situations. Spiritual growth will help you understand your connection to the universe.

Whether you are a beginner or a regular yoga practitioner, selecting a good yoga training course is difficult. There are various facilities offered by every yoga school for offline and online classes. The focus should be to select a yoga institute that provides authentic knowledge of yoga. Other reasons to consider should be yoga style, location, duration of the course, and experienced teachers. A lot depends on your objective of joining theyoga teacher training course.

Before joining a yoga teacher training course, take a look at these important points that will help you make the right decision.

Your goal in doing the yoga course

Most dreams and goals come true when the focus of learning is always kept clear. You may be thinking of yoga as your second profession while continuing the present one. Or you want to lose weight, tone, and heal your body. Some students are fascinated by the tradition and history of yoga culture. Others want to improve focus and channelize different energies of the body. The vision of the result will encourage you to make an informed decision. Your interest should match your objective.

Different yoga styles

It is easier to determine which yoga style may suit your body type by looking at yoga videos online. Take time to watch the complete yoga video to understand if your body is ready for a particular yoga style.

Search and read about the yoga style that interests you. Ask your yoga teacher or a yoga friend before joining a yoga school. Yoga practice is easy to modify according to age and health conditions.

A yoga-style can be slow like Yin Yoga or can be sweaty like Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga. Some yoga styles use props like Aerial Yoga, and some use intense breathing techniques that are not suitable for pregnant ladies.

Location and duration of the course

There are lots of options for good yoga schools globally. Sometimes even a gym near your house may be providing a small space for yoga classes. Or it could be in India that is the birthplace of yoga. A private yoga studio near your office will encourage you to pack your yoga attire and become fit. The most convenient option is a trend in online yoga courses. Students can practice yoga in their living room or a terrace and participate in live video yoga classes. The only things that you need is a good internet connection, a yoga mat, and a well-ventilated room.

Some courses are of short duration, like 50 or 75 hours. Other yoga courses may take up to a month to complete. It depends on the syllabus of the course that can be checked online. It should also match your daily schedule. The online yoga classes provide the convenience of studying and completing the yoga course at your own pace. These yoga schools always provide the best online support from teachers to clarify doubts.

Internationally accredited yoga school

It is better to opt for a yoga school that is renowned, authentic, and with a valid license of yoga teacher training. Yoga Alliance is one such independent entity that is formed to provide quality yoga education and certification. You can choose to do a 200, 300, 500-hour course and receive an internationally accredited certificate to teach anywhere in the world. Yoga Alliance also acknowledgestrainingdone in a specialized yoga style. This is counted as part of the continuing education program.

A comprehensive yoga syllabus

Studying yoga is only valuable when the study involves lessons of theory as well as practical. The syllabus of the yoga school should cover the yoga principles and philosophy, anatomy and physiology, chakras and mantra chanting, etc. It should enhance student’s yoga techniques, meditation practice, and different techniques of Pranayama. The online reviews help determine the training and success rate of students.

Learn from an experienced yoga guru

A good yoga school always has the best teachers. It is not difficult to search for a good yoga teacher online. The credentials of a yoga teacher are also given on the yoga school’s website. Yoga is a practice that gradually improves with experience. Therefore, check the number of years of yoga training and workshops that the yoga teacher has taken. Getting an expert and humble yoga guru is getting a mentor for life.


The philosophy of yoga is about the union of physical, mental, and spiritual. A goodyoga teacher training courseshould fulfill all these three aspects perfectly. The yoga journey should be a life-long learning process, and yoga courses are the first step towards it.

Digital Technologies Driving Healthcare Industry In 2020

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The healthcare industry is expected to reach $280 billion in upcoming years.

2020 will be an essential year for the health industry. When it is about digital health trends, law, artificial intelligence, telemedicine is used to solve the biggest challenges of our age.

Here is a list of the major trends you should know about digital health technologies in 2020:

Most essential digital health trend is MDR:

MDR i.e., Medical Device Regulation, will transform the entire admin scene in the EU. This is going to create an immense impact on mobile app development companies.

The MDR came in order in 2017 and implemented from May 26, 2020.

From that date, every new gadget should have promoted, sold, or appropriated in the European market and need to be confirmed. Strategize successfully and keep your health tech data secure, which guarantees you have great partners.

Health systems with telemedicine:

2020 is going to be the year of telemedicine as it is now mainstream in the healthcare industry. Personal health investment is booming at all lengths, prolonging the healthcare development circuit.

Almost every app and gadget is enabling healthcare application development companies to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients remotely.

It has real-time monitoring of ECG, GP consultation, and robots for doing surgery remotely.

Telemedicine is finding applications with monitors that remotely store a patient’s observation.

AI-enhanced technologies mimicking human-based behavior can drive innovation. Healthcare development companies must understand to make maximum use of AI technology to improve healthcare processes that achieve value with improved performance.

Telemedicine provides personalized and urgent care to patients and frees healthcare providers to deal with the higher number of critical cases.

Big Data and Analytics for Patient Care:

In the US, health care spending is highly expensive. Overall spending is $ 3.8 trillion per year.

Patient and patient care have revolutionized the way you think about health care. The analysis of this data provides a way to gain essential insights into medical conditions. At the individual level, data can form the basis for machine learning (AI), which models predict heart attacks.

On a broader scale, it provides an opportunity to transform epidemiology and save lives with mobile health globally.

Medical Artificial Intelligence:

Medical artificial intelligence has grown with big data analytics for diagnosis and care of the patient.

It will range from chatbots to initiate patients for help with emergency conditions for real-time diagnosis of heart attacks with the help of machine learning.

AI-based applications seek to improve and personalize healthcare delivery for individuals.

However, there are various challenges based on legal as well as technical for using the AI in health technology. Medical Data is usually taken in a distinct format and needs to be analyzed under observation in every few hours. This will transform the approach of traditional healthcare through machine learning. They could limit the application of AI in some scenarios where consent is the core of data processing under law.

The concept of creating a mobile app that is based on an anomaly detection system, a machine learning solution that exposes the intrusion of malignant tumors into health monitoring devices (such as MRI scans). Which is capable of intrusion detection? There is no anonymity in health care processes.

Population and its age:

The most prominent hurdle for global healthcare is demographics. Advancement in healthcare leads people to live more. But, the aging population can create a significant burden on healthcare app development firms.

Digital health applications and other digital devices can help leverage digital healthcare technology trends, often in different ways.

However, with increasing age by 2050, one in six people in the world will be over 65 (16%), one in 11 (9%) in 2019. It will open healthcare software development companies to address through Big Data and AI health issues via Healthcare software applications to improve care outcomes for patients in a hospital setting.

mHealth Apps and Wearable devices:

Virtual testing powered by wearable devices and the M-Healthcare smartphone app is expected to reach $ 450 million.

The virtual clinical trial concept is likely to emerge as it allows you to participate in trials of the clinic from your home or any other location.

The emergence of virtual tests helps reduce costs, as well as streamline processes and demonstrate real-world efficacy.

Augmented Reality role in Surgeries:

AR-based headsets and solutions take advantage of 2D images and other patient data and build 3D models of patient anatomy.

AR is a technique that is capable of revolutionizing the efficiency and cost optimization aspects of surgery while improving the error rate due to high accuracy and target detection within the patient’s body in the context of surgical navigation.

Also, the benefits of surgeon comfort, low effort, low wastage, or possibly low cost are parallel to AR’s performance systems.

EHR Blockchain Interoperability:

Blockchain has been a leader in healthcare, helping EHRs (electronic health records) with interoperability.

A significant challenge for doctors, resulting in regulatory non-specialization, poor referral management to specialists, now stays in the patient upon hospitalization and is unreadable in the hospital – all because the care team needs your complete medical history (eg, allergies Item). Access to specific drugs is not required.

Summing up:

Now that we have discussed about the trend of the most recent digital health technologies that will transform the landscape of the healthcare industry in 2020.

The future of healthcare application development companies to create healthcare applications empowered with AI and blockchain.

Look at these health trends shaping the healthcare industry, highlighting the endless possibilities the healthcare industry has to offer with health-based apps.

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