Consort Claudgen Electric Heated Towel Rails}

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Consort Claudgen Electric Heated Towel Rails


Alister Sneddon

Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rails are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Unlike other towel rails the Consort Claudgen electric towel rail is designed just to heat the towels or items. This may at first seem a disadvantage, however it is very common to run out of space to hang clothes when drying or where to place the tea towels when not in use.


The Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail solves this pro-blem very simply by doing one job and job only. Unlike other towel rails on the market you may find you need to redesign around the towel rail or even change the heating in the home. The Consort Claudgen electric towel rail is perfect for paying for what you need.Towel rails can be expensive often they can be over powered, which simply creates a small blanket of warm air and is highly dangerous to touch. The Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail is not over powered as it understands perfectly that it is just for drying items.With its low cost and simple fitting the Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail has been the ideal solution for home owners and business alike. Cheap to run, cheap to purchase and highly economical with safety in mind, perfect for any environment.With a range of wattages you can ensure you buy the perfect towel rail for you. Ranging from 30W all the way up to 80W, the 30W Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail compiles with the Department of Health guidelines and has a maximum surface temperature of 43 degrees centigrade. This makes the 30W Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail ideal for retirement homes, hospitals, schools and as well as domestic environments.With adjustable wall brackets and a fitted cable, the installs of the Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail is quick and simple. Double insulated class II appliance which eliminates the need for supplementary bonding and finished in a crisp white.In our tests of the Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail we found not only was it very simple to install but it was perfect for day to day use. Often towel heaters need to monitored and kept in check to make sure it is not wasting energy or getting too hot.We used the Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail 30W in our kitchen, the fitting was fast and simple we then used the towel rail for keeping the tea towel warm and dry. It was perfect for that application, we then ran out of room to dry our clothes so a quick test on the Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail ensured it kept up to its simple ideals.The Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail was not only a small simple towel rail but it was designed with a purpose, a purpose which it executes on a day to day bases without any issues or complaints.One of the major selling points of the Consort Claudgen electric heated towel rail is the fact it is considerably cheaper than any other towel rail on the market.

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Consort Claudgen Electric Heated Towel Rails}

Avoiding The Pitfalls In Real Estate Investing

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Avoiding the Pitfalls in Real Estate Investing


Russ Whitney

Real estate investing can give you a lot of opportunities in making money. There are many ways for one to profit in real estate. You can either rent it for financial support or sell it for really big profit. But selling is best done in the future, for the market value can increase over time and the price can be more than what you expected to have. Investing in real estate is actually the process of buying a property for a low value, doing the renovation and other necessary work to make the house look good and appealing once more. After which, the owner or the investor would have to decide if he want the house to be rented or sold.

Thinking about how well making this investment can profit you seemed to be very attractive to venture. It is true that this type of investment can help one earn substantial income, but not all people have succeeded for variety of reasons. If it can help you earn good profit, it can also lead to significant loss of capital and income, depending on how you handle the situation and how you overcome the pitfalls in this investment.


Always remember that to succeed in investing real estate, one has to maximize profits and minimize losses. If you want the former to happen, it is best to know these following pitfalls of real estate investing and avoid them early for these commonly lead to the losses of investors, especially those that are newer in this trend.

Purchasing properties that cost expensively it is important to buy properties that are under value so you can earn really big profits when you resell it. In case you were able to purchase a property under market value marginally, selling it for a profit would be really hard for you. You have to take note and consider that there has to be repairs to make which calls for additional budget. Another thing is the commission of the brokers if any, legal fees, costs on operation and taxes. All of these factors will totally affect how you are going to name a price when you resell your property.

Purchasing properties that need a lot of work such as repairs and renovation Buying old properties can be less expensive, but this entails bigger expenses on repairs and remodeling. It is always best to purchase properties that require less work and expenses. When buying properties, be ready to identify how much work and is needed for it to become salable again.

Lacking the performance of searching the title – this is very common in traditional property buying. You should be performing the job by yourself. Unlike in buying foreclosed homes where you have a choice of searching the title on your own or not. Seeking the title of the property should not be taken for granted for this will let you become aware if there are legal issues and liens that you will inherit when you purchase the property.

Being able to keep yourself away from these pitfalls in real estate investing will allow you to generate good amount of profit.

Real estate investing can give you a lot of opportunities in making money. There are many ways for one to profit in real estate. You can either rent it for financial support or sell it for really big profit.

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Website Designing For Real Estate Business

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Website Designing for Real Estate Business


Amit Kothiyal

Is a website must for a real estate business? Well the answer to this question is an emphatic yes ! Today, every 2 out of 3 homebuyers use the Internet to search information for their new home. They try to find a real estate agent who will help them to take the biggest financial decision of their life. So if you are on a look out for such prospective clients who are actively seeking out real agents, have money to shell out and are willing to make quick purchasing decision, you need to be online for sure.

For this, first and foremost, try to choose an experienced and professional real estate website designer even though it may cost you little more. Check if the web designing company the website designer belongs to have any previous record of developing a real estate website. This is important because an experienced real estate website designer knows how important it is for you to stand out of the crowd and will help you accordingly with simple yet professional web designing techniques.


One such technique often used by website designers to make real estate website attractive is by using interactive flash maps that displays hot selling properties across your area of operation. You can have interactive maps for different states, counties or cities depending on your business need. Moreover to target local customers you can display extra information about any locality with advanced designing techniques. These will help your customer to find information about a property from your website faster, thus increasing the possibility of closing of a deal quickly.

Moving on, a good looking, graphically and programmatic very well designed website is one of the most important marketing channels for any real estate company. It acts like a 24 hour salesperson which helps you to promote your business online. Additionally it projects a better professional image of your company to the visitors, is the best way to showcase all your properties and most importantly creates a direct relationship with your potential customers by collecting their email addresses and alerting them to new listings & newsletters of your company.

Finally a professional real estate website design has the ability to capture leads and track back their origination. There was a time when it was difficult to get leads for real estate websites. However things have changed a lot due to the integration of Search Engine Optimization with website designing. Today there are no boundaries and no limitations for your online real estate business to expand.

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Role Of A Real Estate Agent In Mumbai Real Estate

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Role of a Real Estate Agent in Mumbai Real Estate


Ayush Kumar

With the kind of information available online and the online real estate platforms a lot of people wonder whether they still need a real estate agent to represent them in real estate transactions. The main reason to have an informed representative is that real estate transactions are high value transactions and one cannot afford to not take an informed decision. Buying a Property in Mumbai is an expensive affair as property prices in Mumbai have become comparable to property prices in the expensive destinations of the world.

An experienced real estate agent helps you to take that informed decision. He knows the nuances of buying and selling real estate in the neighborhood. He has all the right questions to ask and he makes sure that your interests are taken care of.

The Real estate agent saves a lot of your time by first understanding your exact requirement and then involving you only when he gets the exact match. For property sellers he makes sure that he shows the property to those who can give the best value for it. In case you are a buyer he makes sure that he finds the properties that match your exact requirement and budget and does not take you around seeing all the available options which might not match your requirement.


A Real estate agent has deep knowledge about the neighborhoods in Mumbai and the Mumbai real estate situation. He has information about other transactions that have happened in the neighborhood and thus helps you get the right price for your property in case you are a seller. He has complete information about the value that amenities around your house can add to the price you can get. For buyers he can show them the real picture about the real estate rates in the neighborhood.

An agent helps the buyers to get make a realistic price offer and the sellers to put a realistic price tag on the property. They also guide the buyers and sellers with the right negotiation strategy for the sale or buy transactions.

A good real estate agent has a huge network of information that will enable him to market a property very effectively. He generally markets the property online and also through other digital channels like emails and Sms’s. He also has a huge network of other real estate agents which he can get in touch for closing deals at the optimum price faster than ever.

The real estate agent also takes care of the paperwork that can run into lots of pages. He goes through and negotiates through all the clauses of the agreement to satisfy the interest of his client.

The successful real estate agent maintains a great relationship with his clients and helps his clients to make further real estate investments that promise a great return on investment.

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Planning For Retirement And Pension Opportunities

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Planning for retirement and pension opportunities


Shelby Michael

This blog explains retirement options should you have saved or are saving for your pension in a money purchase pension scheme like:

*A personal pension.

*A stakeholder pension.

*A group personal pension plan arranged by your employer.

*A retirement annuity contract – (a personal pension sold before 1988 when personal pensions were first available).

*A free-standing additional voluntary contribution (FSAVC) scheme.

There is a number of retirement options to choose from your pension savings, including:


*Phased retirement.

*A lifetime, fixed term or enhanced annuity.

*Income drawdown.

When the full worth of your whole pension funds isn\’t more than 18k, you may take it as a monetary lump sum in place of an income. This is known as trivial commutation and you must be at least sixty to do this.

Key points

You can decide when to switch your own money purchase pension investment in to cash flow, you don\’t need to cease working to accomplish this. You can\’t typically alter your personal pension investments to a pension source of income before you are fifty five. You are able to usually receive 25 percent of your pension account in cash, for a tax-free lump sum and the balance is applied to purchase an income, that is taxed.


A lifetime annuity pays source of income for the rest of your lifetime. An enhanced annuity comes with a higher level of revenue to take into account any medical concerns you may have. A fixed term annuity gives an income for a fixed period of time with the option to take a look at your needs at the end of this term.

For those who have several pension policies, you might have a better revenue by integrating them, although you aren\’t required to make use of them all all at once.

Annuity rates take account of the simple fact of which some individuals live longer than other people. Those who live longer than average are going to take more of their annuity than, for instance, someone who passes away a few years after retiring.

Phased retirement

This can be a valuable financial planning tool, for example if you want to slow down gradually on work and begin to replace your income with pension income. It also supplies further flexible help for your heirs if you pass on. The part of the fund you have never converted to annuities can pay a pension or a single payment to your surviving dependants, depending on the terms of the pension plan. You don\’t need to buy an annuity with your pension pot at retirement, you might contemplate postponing buying an annuity till a future date or choose not to acquire an annuity whatsoever and pull an income straight from your pension pot as an alternative. In the event you hold off buying an annuity you may expect a higher annuity rate due to the fact you\’re older but this may be risky to imagine that annuity rates will be much higher if you delay buying your annuity.

Also you can delay getting your state Pension, in return for obtaining a higher pension or a taxed lump sum when you retire.

Income withdrawal

This lets you pull an income from the pension fund while leaving it invested. There\’s two kinds:

*Capped drawdown, when there are limits on the amount you are able to take.

*Flexible drawdown, where there is no limits provided you are able to show you possess additional income of a specific level called the Minimum Income Requirement.

Income withdrawal is an option in which you begin to attract an income from just part of your pension fund on a single date, allowing the remainder of the fund intact.

Ideas to help you shop around for an annuity

Allowing for about six weeks to obtain quotes prior to when you want to acquire your annuity is advisable, and with all of the retirement available options, it is important to make the proper decision, and you ought to think about seeking Independent financial advice through a qualified independent financial adviser (IFA).

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