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By David Patullo

Our homes will warmly welcome guests but burglars? Of course not! We would do as much to avoid them considering the gravity of distress burglars could bring to our home not just in terms of lost stolen articles but also emotional disturbance after the unfortunate event. Most victims of burglary are often imprisoned living a life of fear.

Out of all crimes committed by man, the most common is burglary. The global crisis has been seen to affect the incidence of this particular crime as it has been more challenging nowadays to get a day’s worth of wages. No moral teaching can deter a strong-willed man bent on a plan to steal. In an effort to turn burglars off your lawn, the best way is to be proactive in securing your property.

You will find that nearly 80% of all burglaries are accessed through a property’s window. Aside from the very practical tip of remembering to always keep your windows and doors closed and locked, there are still several ways to avert an opportunistic burglar’s evil plans. One of them is to have security windows.


A simple form of security windows are window screen barriers. These window barriers are made of steel material in mesh form and cover the area of a whole window through a frame (in front or behind it), providing much-needed security not only against burglars but also against vandals and other attackers. Since the material is durable, any accidental rocks thrown to your windows will not go through, and cause further damage inside the house. If you are imagining security windows that look more like prison bars, think again. These security windows will not be an eyesore to your home. It will only appear as a tinted glass surface from afar. Furthermore, it allows enough light to pass through it as well as ventilation. So much for your prison bar imagery, right? What you get is peace of mind.

Security windows may be used in many kinds of properties such as homes, offices, groceries, apartments, shops, buildings, and more! Since these are relatively affordable, it is a wise investment for any property owner. Although a burglar can still access your window even with this added layer of security defense, it will take him quite some time and more noise which will in turn attract attention.

Security windows are available from several companies in the Internet and one should take considerable time in browsing the different kinds that are offered. There may be ones that suit homes better and others that look ‘heavier’ and are better off used in bigger properties. Trust only a brand that has had a good track record in installing security windows for homes. For those who live in urban neighborhoods where the rate of crime is much higher, investment in security windows becomes indispensable. As much as we would like our homes to be open to the public, providing warmth and love to many a guest, we need to live wisely for our own benefit.

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