In Depth Guide About Treatment And Procedure Of Dental Implants

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In-Depth Guide about Treatment and Procedure of Dental Implants


Earlene Hayley

Within the last decade, dentistry has headed to incredible technological developments. These days, dental implants have become the treatment of choice to replace missing, lost or broken teeth. And many people who have relapse problems opt for dental braces as they can safely and firmly pull a tooth into their original place. Anyways, the implantation is done using proper surgical techniques that is why the success rate has surpassed about 96 per cent.

This much success rate of this treatment was achieved after years and years of experiments and trial and error. Then the dental community developed titanium dental implants that looked much like a natural tooth root, and the clinical evidence shows the improved success rates with the newly developed implants.

Implantation treatment is done in several different ways, but some common procedures widely followed by dentists are mentioned below.

Single Tooth Implantation: The single tooth implantation procedure is used for the replacement of single tooth. First the single titanium dental implant is inserted then a single crown is attached.

Fixed Bridge Implantation: This implantation is used to treat two or more than two lost or missing teeth. The treatment involves insertion of two dental implants that are spread across two, three, or four teeth, depending on the condition. Then the fixed bridge is attached.

All-on-Four Dental Implantation: This is the most severe dental implantation procedure because it involves the placement of four titanium dental implants either on top or bottom of the jaw bone, depending on the patient s condition, then fixed denture is constructed and attached that works like a new set of natural teeth.

Over Denture Implantation: The procedure of this method is almost similar to the above mentioned All-on-Four implantation, so instead of four, it uses two implants. And can be removed by the help of professional dentist.

The last two mentioned implantation procedures are usually used for those patients who have lost all or majority of their teeth. The surgery time depends on the implant procedure that is recommended by your dentist. However, all of these procedures usually require short surgery time as well as little recovery time.

Many patients face several problems and issues while searching for experienced and qualified dentist and surgical consultant. So following steps can help you in avoiding these issues.

1.Take your time to properly do your research about the consultant who is recommending you the implant and also confirm that whether he or she is experienced and skilled in his work.

2.Make sure that the surgeon who will place the implant is well practiced from recognized institute or program, and have done some sort of course which includes training.

3.When you first visit your surgical consultant, ask him or her about what type of implant they will use. And also inquire about its success and survival rates.

4.Also ask your doctor about the estimate time required for the treatment and what is the reason of choosing that specific type of implant.

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