5 Top Insider Trading Tips Used By Your Gold Fund Manager

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5 Top Insider Trading Tips Used By Your Gold Fund Manager



On an international level, gold is mostly traded over-the-counter, not through exchanges. This is done through forward contracts, which are non-standardized agreements to trade gold in the future at a price agreed today, currently known as futures. London is the largest global centre for such transactions.


The forward market for gold is less driven by supply and demand than other commodity markets. Instead, spot (immediate) prices and interest rate differentials run the market, like in the case of currency. Typically, the gold market is in contagno, which means that the forward (contractually agreed) price of gold is higher than the spot price(quoted for immediate payments and deliveries). This makes gold market attractive for gold producers making forward sales. Also there is a notable derivatives market for gold, both for speculating and for hedging (insurance) purposes. Gold accounts can be allocated and unallocated. Unallocated accounts represent over 14% of the pool at the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA). There is little information concerning the backing of unallocated gold, but LBMA unallocated accounts are believed to be backed up by physical gold only in part. So, in case of a sudden large demand for physical gold, the LBMA would react similarly to a bank in shortage of liquidities, with the unallocated accounts being at risk of loss. Your expectancies from gold should be similar to those you would have from stable currency. With paper money, few people simply store savings, but manage their possessions in forms that allow for capital increase. Some prefer extra gains over short periods of time, while others trust more in a slow but steady increase. Nevertheless, we all have tips for investing our money wisely. The same general idea should apply when investing in gold. Avoid collecting physically allocated gold if you need insurance. Directly owned bullion coins and bars are more appropriate for short time speculative type investments. And remember that gold exchange-traded products: EFT’s, CEF’s and ETN’s, come with significant counter party risks. Some of these are based on unallocated accounts, a situation involving supplementary risks you will have to take. Investing in mining shares is an accessible method of trading gold but it is hardly for beginners and also not very suitable for long term purposes because of specific risks. Mining shares prices fluctuate on the stock market, while gold price fluctuates at a different pace. The risk is that of situations where shares depreciate while gold appreciates. If you purchase through mutual funds, the risk of faulty management may lower but the counter party risks will add up. If you are seeking long term insurance, invest in gold funds. Gold funds are a form of investment with minimal risks, just like possessing physical gold, but with a steady return of investments. The greater part of their investment consists of physically allocated gold which is stored in secure vaults of banks. Gold funds have a limited number of qualified investors. More customizable than mutual funds, they allow for a large number of financial operations to be performed and are capable to ensure positive ROI, less related to overall market performance.


Hinde Capitalgold funds

offer investors the opportunity to seek the preservation of capital in gold, against the potential erosion of the purchasing power of fiat paper money.

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5 Top Insider Trading Tips Used By Your Gold Fund Manager

Learning How To Trade Penny Stocks

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By Mike J. Rogers

A lot of people who hear about penny stocks would like to learn about

how to trade penny stocks

. Well, this is expected because the inexpensive price of penny stocks offers a great opportunity for anyone who wants to enter into stocks. While it’s very easy to invest in penny stocks, it is also very easy to let go of that investment because of the risks associated with it. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in penny stocks, make sure you learn how to trade penny stocks.

Penny stocks are extremely cheap stocks traded by relatively new businesses or companies facing bankruptcy. They are available for trading via Pink Sheets and Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board. Major stock exchanges such as AMEX, NYSE, and NASDAQ trade them because of their very few shareholders. Because of the high risk involved in trading penny stocks, the trading is irregular and you will realize that when you already own them, they can be hard to sell.


When learning how to trade penny stocks, you have two options. You can either contact a penny stock broker or search online. When doing so, you need to remember that penny stocks are not often traded by major stock exchanges. However, you will surely be enticed with their extremely inexpensive price which is a lot more investible than other stocks. This is the reason why a lot of people would like to invest on penny stocks. Stock brokers are very much aware of this.

Thus, if you want to learn how to trade penny stocks, you should turn to them for help. A stock broker has enough knowledge on analyzing and evaluating your financial situation. He/she will assess this to determine if you should invest on high-risk and speculative securities. Just make sure to look for a reputable and honest stock broker to help you learn how to trade stocks.

It is also possible to learn and master how to trade penny stocks through online sites that offer useful information on this form of stocks. Just be aware that fraud is common when dealing with penny stocks online. This is because a lot of companies offering penny stocks do not reveal the accurate information about the financial situation of the company.

When looking for sites for information on penny stocks, make sure the site has the accurate information. Because penny stocks are offered by companies that are either new or on the verge of bankruptcy, you will not always find good information about the company. If the site always offers great financial information about the company, chances are the site is not a good site to trust.

It has been said again and again – penny stocks are a great investment but you have to remember that it’s risky and highly-speculative. Thus, you need to be ready to do your job of making your own research to make sure that your investments are at a safe place. Part of your job is also to master

how to trade penny stocks

because only through this will you benefit from the investment you made.

About the Author: Do you want to learn more about how to

trade penny stocks

? Then stop by Mike Roger’s site where you can find out all about penny stock trading.



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Forex Trading Psychology: What Makes A Successful Forex Trader?

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Submitted by: Gerald Mason

The Forex market has changed through the years, growing in volume and expanding across multiple time zones.

Brokerage houses have changed, too, going online with sophisticated software and powerful servers.

Economic indicators and technical analysis have become more sophisticated, too, until the Forex market of today bears little resemblance to what it used to be.

But there s one thing that hasn t changed: most traders lose.


Despite all the advances in the Forex marketplace, the ratio of winners to losers remains low. Experts agree that the most hopeful number that can be advanced is a measly 10%, which means that 90% of all traders on any particular day will lose.

Experts also agree that the reason most traders lose is because they allow their emotions to cloud their judgment.

Most people trade on hope and fear, rather than facts. Rather than basing their trades on what the charts and the indicators actually say, these people trade on what they want them to say. They hang onto a losing trade and follow the graph down, hoping the currency pair will turn around. Or they exit a trade too soon, fearing the trend won t last, and are satisfied with pennies that even the best Forex money management cannot balance against their losses.

Other people lose through greed, by trying to pick the highs and lows too nicely to maximize their profits to the penny. Rather than waiting to place a trade when the indicators confirm the market s movement, they jump in too soon and are disappointed when the anticipated break-out never occurs.

Remember, there is no magic software or fool-proof trading scheme. If you cannot control your emotions, then you cannot become a winner despite yourself. But there are things you can do to improve your chances of being one of the winners, and the most powerful is to follow these rules of Forex trading:

Prepare a trading plan, using good Forex money management skills and the trading strategy of your choice then trade your plan. Don t alter your plan or fudge your criteria if you don t see a good trade for a few days; wait for the market to fulfill your requirements before risking your money. Remember the law of averages: sooner or later, the market will come around.

Use stops, and trailing stops when possible, to control losses and protect your profits. Remember to set your stops far enough away from the entry price so that you aren t closed out by normal market jitters.

Paper trade with a demo account until you are efficient and feel comfortable in the market.

When you move on and start trading with real money, it feels different than paper trading! But this is no time to change your plan. To minimize the effects of emotion, set a small, realistic initial goal and trade until you achieve your goal more often than not. Use small sums in micro or mini accounts. Only when you are comfortable risking your cash and sometimes losing it should you attempt to trade with larger sums of money.

Study your trading record and try to figure out what went wrong when you lost. To put it simply, learn from your mistakes. That alone will put you ahead of the crowd!

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Forex Knights Hector De Ville Mentoring Program Review

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By Ron T Daulton

In order to provide you with 1) a solid and extremely successful trading system, 2) the right tool to trade profitably and 3) guidance from a professional trader, I have created the revolutionary Hector DeVille’s Mentoring Program. Here you will find absolutely all the strategies and techniques I use myself to trade full time on a daily basis.

This beast is made up by 6 DVDs and over 100 live “screen capture” videos. and a collection of my own private custom indicators (coded by professional programmer for me!). Here’s how I go on about explaining the trading strategies you will gain access to:

* First of all, I explain the theory behind the strategy: how it works, why it works, what principles it’s based on, what to do in order to trade it and how to do it. It VERY important that you understand the reasoning behind a system so you can take your trading decisions fully aware of what’s going on behind the curtains.

I walk you through the method step by step and leaving nothing outside so you can follow me all the way along the presentation.

* Then I show you a video where I applied that same trading strategy in a live trade recorded in real time! You will see absolutely everything: entry level, stop loss, exit levels, potential risks of the trade, partial exit levels, etc. Also, and as the trade unfolds in real time, I explain how I manage the trade and the logics behind taking this or that trading decision.


Literally, it’s like if you were watching me trade live over my shoulder as I “comment” the trade all the way through!

You must trade a solid system:

The 6 DVDs and 100+ videos will gain you access to real-world trading strategies used on a daily basis by professional full time Forex traders. These are no “wonderland” systems that never manage to sustain any decent win/loss ratio over the long run. Instead, my Mentoring Program’s methodology is so powerful because it actually understands true price behavior and capitalizes on real-world market dynamics.

If a solid system is what you’re after, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

You must get guidance from an experienced trader:

Again, I am just one email away to answer all your questions, review your charts and to clarify anything you might have not understood from the tutorial videos. Remember that you get one year of unlimited support… but quite frankly, you should be doing great much earlier than that!

You must have the appropriate tools:

As already stated, you will gain access to all the custom indicators I use myself for my Forex trading. Please remember that these indicators cannot be found anywhere else so you will effectively have access to some of the most exclusive trading tools available in the market!

Download the indicators, learn how to use them and profit from them day in and day out!

You must take Forex trading seriously:

And here’s finally your part of the deal: do you want to become a profitable trader? do you want to trade full time? well, now is the time to commit yourself to Hector DeVille’s Mentoring Program and give it your best shot.

Taking no action means achieving no goal… It’s time for you to take action towards becoming a top performance trader for once and for all!

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