Shipping To Philadelphia And The Virgin Islands: Faq S About Refrigerated, Oversized, And Perishable Goods

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Shipping to Philadelphia and the Virgin Islands: FAQ s About Refrigerated, Oversized, and Perishable Goods


Erica Ronchetti

What happens when you need to ship goods and products (cars, livestock, sailboats, perishables) to or from Philadelphia, the Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico? Shipping companies are experts when it comes to transporting large, valuable, or fragile perishable items from the USA to other locations. The best freight shipping services provide safe and secure transportation for cargo and vehicles, including tracking and monitoring services for your convenience and streamlined drop off and pick up facilities. If you need Puerto Rico car shipping services, your shipping company should protect and transport your vehicle, offering you the following services:

  • Watertight garages or a special place solely for cars and other vehicles, ensuring their protection during the voyage.
  • Convenient facilities at either port for easy-access, making it easy to pick up and drop off your vehicle at either destination.
  • Special roll-on roll-off services to quickly remove the vehicle from the ship and make it available to you.
  • Tracking services you should be able to track the status of your vehicle and its whereabouts when Puerto Rico car shipping this is to provide assurance and save you time for pick up.

If your shipping company follows those automotive transport practices for Puerto Rico car shipping, your vehicle will be transported safely and quickly.Shipping to Philadelphia and Shipping to the Virgin Islands: Perishable CargoIf you re looking to ship perishable cargo from Philadelphia to the Virgin Islands, your shipping company should provide services that ll keep your food or other items cool during the trip, including:

  • State of the art containers to hold and preserve perishable items during transport.
  • Fast delivery services.
  • Monitoring services of refrigerated cargo (to ensure it isn t tampered with and remains cold).
  • Rapid processing at terminals and efficient processing to ensure you have quicker access to your refrigerated cargo.

Shipping to Philadelphia and the Virgin Islands: Oversized CargoIf you have large or oversized cargo, your items won t always fit in a box. Because not all cargo is shaped the same, there are services available to accommodate and move items and cargo that are of larger size. Examples of larger cargo include construction equipment, large machinery, buses, livestock, and personal sail boats, etc

  • Your shipping company should have the proper accommodations for special cargo, including the right equipment for large freight and experience doing so.
  • If items are stored below, your shipping company should be spacious enough to accommodate large freight.
  • Your shipping company should have the deck space necessary for lift on and lift off services via crane.

No matter where you re shipping your freight, you want fast services, convenient tracking, and ease of transportation on and off the ship. If your shipping company provides those services, you ll enjoy undamaged and quick transport of all valuable cargo.

Erica Ronchetti is a freelance writer for Sea Star Line, a privately held shipping company that specializes in providing integrated transportation services to and from the United States. If you re interested in learning more about Sea Star Line s


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